WordPress vs. Wix: Which is the Right platform for make a perfect Business Website?

Are you trying to make a decision between Wix vs. WordPress to create your website? While WordPress is that the hottest website builder in the world, it’s not the sole option. After watching TV commercials for Wix, a number of our users asked us to try an in-depth comparison of Wix vs. WordPress to seek out out which is that the more sensible choice. During this article, we’ll measure Wix vs. WordPress and highlight the advantages – disadvantages. We hope is that with this Wix review and this measurement, you’ll be ready to decide which platform is true for your needs.

We have weakened this comparison into three categories:

1. Wix vs. WordPress costs
2. simple use comparison
3. Plugins and Apps

1. Wix vs. WordPress costs: Wix vs. WordPress.

The cost of website building is a crucial factor when choosing your site builder platform. The entire cost of developing and maintaining your site will entirely depend upon your needs. Our goal is to form sure that you simply can do whatever you would like within your budget.

Let’s go compare the pricing of Wix and WordPress to seek out out which one gives you more bang for the buck.

-Wix Pricing Measurement:

Wix offers customers a basic website builder for free of charge. However, there are two major downsides there too.

First, it adds Wix branded publicity on the highest and bottom of your website.

Second, you can’t maintenance a custom name for your site, so your website address will be: username.wix.com/sitename.

Apart from that, the essential plan doesn’t offer necessary add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc., to get rid of ads and obtain additional features from their apps market; you’ll need to upgrade to at least one of the premium plans they provide.

Each Wix dividend plan has different storage and bandwidth limitations. You’ll pay monthly or choose a yearly plan.
The best value plan on Wix is that the Unlimited plan ($12.50 / month).

If you would like eCommerce and business features, then you would like to pick a Business & E-commerce plan.

Pricing for little business websites and eCommerce plans start from $17/month.

Regardless of which plan you select, this cost doesn’t include any apps that you simply later prefer to buy from the Wix app market to use on your website.

-WordPress Pricing Comparison: Wix vs. WordPress

The WordPress software is open-source, and it’s available free of charge for anyone to use.

We often get to inquire about why is WordPress frees and what’s the catch?

Well, the most important catch is that you simply need your own name and web hosting to put in it.

There are a lot of WordPress hosting providers that you can simply choose between. See our guide on the way to choose the simplest WordPress hosting company.

Depending on your budget, you’ll start with a basic plan with a WordPress hosting provider like Bluehost, which will cost you $2.75 per month and includes a free custom name.

If your budget permits, then you’ll use a WordPress hosting provider like WP Engine, which costs $29 per month.

The cost of a WordPress site will increase if you opt to use premium WordPress themes or plugins (similar to apps in WordPress).

However, there are a lot of free WordPress themes and plugins available online that you can simply use to scale back costs. You’ll add any feature to your WordPress site employing a plugin without upgrading your hosting plan.

WordPress vs. Wix Which is Right for You
WordPress vs. Wix Which is Right for You

2. simple Use: Wix vs. WordPress

Most beginners choose Wix or WordPress because most beginners don’t want to rent an internet site designer. Both Wix and WordPress allow you to make websites without learning to code. Let’s take a glance at which one among them is simpler to use for beginners with no coding experience.


Wix comes with powerful and straightforward to use tools to create your own website. It offers an easy drag and drop interface where you’ll select any element on your site and begin editing it during a WYSIWYG interface. You can drag and drop items anyplace on your site, rearrange things on your pages, write content, and add media during a user-friendly environment. Many beginners would find this feature a blessing because it saves them from handling code.


WordPress comes with an incredibly powerful WordPress block editor that permits you to edit your pages with a live preview. This enables you to make visually stunning layouts by adding blocks. There are blocks for all common elements like text, headings, buttons, background images, galleries, and more. WordPress also gives you access to thousands of themes (website templates) to use on your site. Each of them is additionally fully customizable using the live theme customizer. Need even more code-free ways to edit your website visually? WordPress has a number of the foremost intuitive drag and drop page builder plugins. These drag-and-drop editors provide you with even more tools to make professional-looking websites without writing code. For instance, you’ll use a page builder like Seedpod or Divi that allows you to build completely custom websites without writing any code. All of those options provide a lot more choices and tools to edit your website.

3. Plugins and Apps: Wix vs. WordPress

Plugins and apps are like third-party extensions that you simply can use together with your platform to feature more features. Wix calls them apps, and within the WordPress ecosystem, they’re called plugins. Let’s compare apps and plugins available on both platforms and what you’ll do with them.


Wix comes with nearly 200+ apps that you simply can increase your site. These apps offer a good range of features like adding contact forms, galleries, comments, social media buttons, email marketing than on. Many of the apps are free or have a lite version. Other apps require monthly payments and vary in price. Albeit there’s a limited collection of apps, they cover the foremost commonly requested features by site owners.


At the time of broadcast this article, there were quite 58,000+ free plugins available within the WordPress.org plugin directory alone. Not to mention, premium plugins are available on other marketplaces. The old saying goes: if you’ll consider a feature, there’s probably a WordPress plugin that creates it happen.

Whether you would like to make a contact form, install Google Analytics, build a membership website, or sell online courses, there’s a plugin for that.

You can do exactly about anything you wish with WordPress. There are many plugins online, both free and paid, which you’ll use to create the website of your dreams.

-Wix vs. WordPress: Which one do you have to use?

Choosing which platform you’ll use to develop your website may be a tough option to make. Whichever decision you’re taking will accompany its own set of pros and cons – but once you’ve taken that initiative, the remainder of your website designing career can begin at last!

Ultimately, we decided to travel with WordPress, but that’s to not say that Wix isn’t a viable option – actually, it’s an excellent tool for getting simple websites up and running fast, and it offers tons of plans for various sorts of users.

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